New technology enables the golden stone project to become an ambassador for global culture.
New finance, let Jin Shi Rong Rong create wealth in the world civilization heritage.

GSIN introduction

GSIN is an endogenetic digital asset in the golden stone project, and holders have the rights and interests in the golden stone project. At the end of each year, four big accounting firms will audit the revenue of the golden stone project and assign it to holders.

GSIN can also be used to pay for travel and transportation, Hotel accommodation, food and entertainment, entertainment tickets, casino chips, cultural relics exchange and so on in cultural and entertainment projects around the world. (soon to open)

Money holding rights

With the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, it is more convenient and fast to go to Macau and Hong Kong. Maybe you are looking forward to someone who will take your goods to Macau and Hong Kong. Now you can take a walk-by-walk trip by yourself. You can also enjoy delicious food and feel the local conditions and customs of Macau and Hong Kong.

GSIN digital currency is what we want to build - Hong Kong and Macao through shopping mall. GSIN users will enjoy lower prices than the market in our mall in the future, exchange Hotel accommodation, tourist tickets, restaurants, gambling chips and other products to buy and service, Hong Kong and Macau Tong Mall is currently under development, is expected to be officially launched on December 1 use!




Project course


Project initiation, core team establishment


Developing GSIN core technology


GSIN early cornerstone investment, private placement


GSIN online exchange


GSIN enters global market and expands overseas market